UCC Inaugural Certificate of Procurement Management

I am so excited to be part of the lecturing team of the first ever Level 8 Certificate in Procurement Management in UCC.

Why? This goes right back to my own passion, which I will try to answer with a question: How can procurement elevate its role and significantly increase value and impact for businesses? How can we as procurement professionals stay agile in this constantly changing environment?

My answer? We need to become lifelong learners, and continue to grow and change, from every interaction, from our customers, our business partners, our suppliers, from every invention, from every engagement. We need to be capable of looking at the world from every angle and be the value translators and facilitators between all parties in the deal.

Who is it for? Procurement professionals and other business partners in the public and private sector who aspire to drive change towards Value for Money decisions. Owner-managers who want to learn how to maximise value while minimising risk through continuous management of data, insights, relationships and communication.

So where do you start? We would like you to join the first ever part-time university accredited Level 8 award in procurement management, offered by Adult Continuing Education (ACE) in partnership with the School of Management and Marketing at University College Cork. This innovative programme is designed to maximise ROI and bottom line impact, and is delivered by a blend of academic experts and practitioners with real world experience. This industry – focused course is highly valued by employers and is dedicated to promoting the value of procurement innovation.

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The programme starts with measuring your critical capabilities – our Quad-Core-Competency (QCC) matrix will take a snapshot of the level of your professional and technical skill-set, your mindset and the toolset you work with. Then we are going to take you on a 9-month journey following a 4-step approach: we will diagnose like doctors, plan like architects, we will implement like drivers and innovate like designers. The modules we will journey through include Principles of Procurement and Tendering, Spend Analysis and Category Management, Contract and Supplier Performance Management, and Measuring Procurement Value and KPI reporting. A Research Project undertaken at the end of the programme will enable you to apply the learnings from the other modules to your specific industry setting and will bring your enhanced competencies from the classroom directly into the workplace.

Benefits? The course is structured as a part-time modular programme where relevance of learning and evidence of learning will be delivered through practical toolkits and strategic roadmaps. We will encourage peer to peer learning in our sessions and target continuous development in the workplace. You will receive a Quad-Core-Competency (QCC) evaluation of your professional knowledge, technical know- how, personal competencies and business acumen.

In summary, if concepts like procurement innovation, agile sourcing, social purchasing or sustainable supply chain interest you, if you want to discuss total value management, competitive intelligence, decision architecture, customer-centric procurement or collaborative trust capital, then do join us and start your own learning journey. If you want to do great things, or if you want to be great, keep on learning.

For further programme details, please see http://www.ucc.ie/en/ace-cprm/. Applications will be accepted from mid-March. To express your interest in applying and to join our mailing list, please email the course coordinator at katie.nolan@ucc.ie.


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