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November 17, 2015

Hello fellow entrepreneurs,

16 events are waiting for you !

Join a training, a conference, a meetup ! Make your choice among these startup events.

Check out the must-attend events :
– 18/11 : BetaGroup Event #55 – Startup pitches
– 18/11 : Café Numérique Bruxelles S07#00 Digital Marketing
– 20/11 : ICAB Network Event #24 – BeGov’s new Start Up plan – Fiscal measures to promote digital entrepreneurship
– 21/11 : Silversquare : Focus Groupe (Challenger le positionnement d’un produit).
– 21/11 : Le Wagon : Girls, Boys, Parents, Let’s Code Together! – PART 2

You missed the Startup Weekend Brussels ChangeMakers ?
This week, about 20.000 entrepreneurs will participate to +250 Startup Weekend via the Global Startup Battle.

Hurry to get the last tickets of these close events:
– Startup Weekend Luxembourg Smart City (20/11)
– Startup Weekend Antwerp Fashtech (27/11)

This week is the Global Entrepreneurship Week !
Global Entrepreneurship Week is the world’s largest celebration of the innovators and job creators who launch startups that bring ideas to life, drive economic growth and expand human welfare. Millions of people from +160 countries will be inspired in numerous events. Check out the +20 activities planned in Belgium !

You have your own event planned ? A cocktail, a training ? You have heard about a new event for entrepreneurs in town ? Just drop me a mail/tweet and I will gladly include it in the digest.

Have a nice week!


Brussels Startup Digest is curated by:
Michel Duchateau Michel Duchateau – Founder at CreaDelta | Coach in Project Management | Organizer & Facilitator at Startup Weekend

Contact Michel Duchateau at

Calling All Teams for Global Startup Battle!

For the first time ever, we’re unlocking Global Startup Battle! Now teams from outside Startup Weekend can compete in GSB with the Open Track – no matter where they’re from or how they started. Visit for more info & to apply!


Global Entrepreneurship Week 2015

November 17th

GEW is the world’s largest celebration of the innovators and job creators who launch startups that bring ideas to life, drive economic growth and expand human welfare.  GEW inspires people everywhere through local, national and global activities designed to help them explore their potential as self-starters and innovators. Under the theme of “CONNECT THE DOTS” this year’s GEW Maastricht is bringing world class speakers and innovative young entrepreneurs to give insight and connect the different dots from pioneering projects, innovative technologies as well as interdisciplinary challenges.

Maastricht | View in Calendar


Startup Europe : Tech platforms. The global opportunities and the obstacles for fast growing startups.

November 17th 9:00am

Tech startups have an increasing impact on society. By using innovative technologies and platforms they create products, services and solutions that improve and enrich our everyday lives, whether it is about access to information, education, entertainment, or security.

European Commission, Avenue de Beaulieu 25, Room S1 , Auderghem | View in Calendar


Egg3 : C’est décidé, j’aurai un CRM en 2016 (Zoho CRM / FR)

November 17th 7:00pm

Vos commerciaux perdent la moitié de leur temps? C’est la soupe aux données? Ras-le-bol de perdre votre temps avec Outlook et Excel? Grand bien vous fasse! Zoho CRM est un des CRMs les plus utilisé dans les PMEs. En 4 séances vitaminées, apprenez à le mettre à votre sauce, et embarquez vos collaborateurs dans ce projet CRM qui va transformer votre entreprise. Ce sera tout bénéfice pour vos ventes, pour votre image et pour votre marge.

Betacowork, 4 Rue des Pères Blancs 1040 Etterbeek | View in Calendar


Solvay Brussels School : Unlocking Growth – lessons learned from Marketing & Advertising

November 17th 7:00pm

Based on empirical evidence, best practices and actual cases from both blue chip brands and SME brands, Fons & Steven look into the way marketing & communications should operate in today’s new reality, with its new possibilities and technologies. How can companies and brands unlock growth again in this environment?

Solvay Brussels School, 42 Franklin Rooseveltlaan 1050 Brussel | View in Calendar


Voka Bryo : Get in the Ring – National Final Belgium

November 18th 6:00pm

Join one of the greatest global startup competitions! Get in the Ring (GITR) is one of the biggest startup competitions worldwide with the ambition of connecting 100.000 startups to 100 million fans (investors, customers, talent, corporates, mentors, and more). GITR is taking place in over 64 countries, covering all industries, and three weight classes of startups. We offer startups a podium to connect with fans worldwide Ou. The last international final went like this.

Atomium Atomiumsquare 1020 Brussels | View in Calendar


#AngelSessionBXL : Innovative marketing

November 18th 6:00pm

AngelSessionBXL #4 will focus on innovative marketing. We believe that everybody who wants to become an entrepreneur, should be able to become an entrepreneur. We also see entrepreneurs as individuals and teams with the ambition to realize a project, create products or services or found companies. However, marketing and getting your idea to the world is becoming increasingly difficult.

Muntplein 6 1000 Brussels Brussels 1000 | View in Calendar


BetaGroup Event #55 – Startup pitches

November 18th 6:30pm

BetaGroup is a community of more than 8.200 entrepreneurs passionate about Internet, Software and Online Media. Our events gather all the tech ecosystem from students to investors, through developpers, graphic designers or emarketers.   Agenda 6:30PM – Welcome drink, 7:15PM – Demos of 6 Belgian Web startups, 8:00 PM – “Live Tweets”: everyone is welcome on stage to “tweet” their announcements (partnerships, promote an event, offering a job or any other non-commercial proposals relevant to the group), 8:30 PM – Networking drinks and snacks.

ULB – Building U – ROOM UD2.218A 52, Avenue Franklin Roosevelt 1000 Brussels | View in Calendar


Crowd Clinic meetup : Crowd strategies for product launches & employer branding.

November 18th 7:00pm

In this session we explore how marketers can incorporate crowdfunding & crowdfunding in their product launch or employer branding campaigns. This meetup date and location will be scheduled as soon as we have 10 expressions of interest.

Brussels | View in Calendar


Café Numérique Bruxelles S07#00 Digital Marketing

November 18th 7:00pm

Le Café Numérique a ouvert ses portes le 21 octobre 2009 au Mirano Continental. Le but du Café Numérique est de mettre en avant les nouvelles technologies lors de rencontres régulières et de faire connaître les innovations multimédias au plus grand nombre. Le Café Numérique est un lieu d’échange, de communication et d’information sur l’actualité et le futur du numérique tant au niveau du secteur de la santé, qu’au niveau du design, des arts, de l’éducation, de l’habitat, du divertissement.

EPHEC – 3 Avenue Konrad Adenauer Woluwe-Saint-Lambert 1200 BE | View in Calendar


Brussels Innova

November 19th

4000 m² de surface d’exposition, 20 pays représentés, 4200 visiteurs, 300 innovations en lice et une couverture presse que tout le monde nous envie!

Palais 10 du Brussels Expo | View in Calendar


Brussels lean coffee meetup

November 19th 7:45am

Before starting our busy day a moment of reflection and sharing in a nice venue! See you soon!

Le Pain Quotidien, Koninginnegalerij 11, Brussel | View in Calendar


Belgian Digital Civil Servants Meetup : Lean Startup

November 19th 4:00pm

The second meetup in this series of 4 continues to look outside: startups. More or less every popular startup nowadays tries to follow the lean startup methodology in order to become successful and grow. But what exactly is the Lean Startup methodology? Can a government and its civil servants learn anything from it? Afterwards we can go out for dinner and a beer. 🙂

Brussels | View in Calendar


ICAB Network Event #24 – BeGov’s new Start Up plan – Fiscal measures to promote digital entrepreneurship – BOFIDI & PMV

November 20th 12:00pm

BeGov’s Start-Up Plan aims to provides easier financing for start-ups via a tax shelter for start-ups, tax incentives for crowdfunding and lower labour costs for start-up companies. Digital investments for SMEs and micro-companies are also made cheaper. These and other measure will be explained in more detail during this seminar.

ICAB, 4 rue des Pères Blancs, 1040 Etterbeek | View in Calendar


Silversquare : Focus Groupe (Challenger le positionnement d’un produit).

November 20th 12:30pm

Un concept foodie rêvé et élaboré en Suisse qui fait ses débuts en Belgique, et bientôt à la conquête du monde 🙂 mais ne gâchons pas la surprise, vous nous êtes utiles que sans à priori. Un délicieux lunch (préparé entre autres avec nos produits) vous sera offert. PRESENTATION: – Blind Tasting – Brainstorming questions -réponses – Présentation de nos produits : as is- want to be – Lunch offert Vous correspondez à la cible et avez envie de leurs donner un coup de pouce ?

Silversquare 523 Avenue Louise 1050 Bruxelles | French | View in Calendar

SAT21 : Masterclass SUPERCOLLIDER: Live coding for sound (232 Eur)

November 21st 10:00am

Supercollider is an open source real-time soundsynthesis program and can be used for real-time, algorithmic composition. In these masterclass, you will learn how to “live code”, improvise with sound/music and build your own interactive program, using different creative methods, advanced sound synthesis and programming techniques within the Supercollider environment.

Icon-Brussels, Steenkoolkaai 9 | View in Calendar


Le Wagon : Girls, Boys, Parents, Let’s Code Together! – PART 2

November 21st 2:00pm

We have unfinished business! ; ) Let’s make our first web page even more beautiful and deploy it! Girls, boys, mothers, fathers,… come and discover with us how fun, creative and powerful code can be, by learning in a few hours to design and build together your first web page from scratch!

Co.Station, St. Goedeleplein 5 place Sainte Gudule, 1000 Brussels | View in Calendar

Upcoming Events:



November 23rd 1:00pm, Chaussée de Charleroi 110, Brussels

TUE24 : Créer son entreprise à Bruxelles : 10 pièges à éviter

November 24th 9:30am, Chaussée de Charleroi 110, Brussels


CIRB : Brussels Smart City : How the “digital Brussels of the future” might look?

November 24th 8:00pm

Avenue du Port 86C 1000 Bruxelles Belgique


FEB Conférence : ‘Digital Investments’

November 26th 12:30pm

FEB, Rue Ravenstein 4, 1000 Bruxelles


MakeSense : SenseFiction Education 3.0

November 26th 6:00pm

Le Phare du Kanaal, Quai des Charbonnages, 40, Brussels


Brussels Data Science : Using Open data to promote Data Innovation

November 26th 6:30pm

VUB – Aula QB, Pleinlaan 2B – 1050, Brussels


StartupBlinkers Meetup

November 26th 6:30pm



Brussels Positive Impact Entrepreneurs : PIE-Time Refugees welcome (step 2)

November 26th 6:30pm

Transforma bxl, Avenue Jules Bordet, 13, Evere (1140)

THU26 : Official masterclass Ableton Live (Free)

November 26th 7:00pm

Icon-Brussels, Steenkoolkaai 9


Startup Weekend Antwerp FashTech

November 27th 5:30pm

Flanders Fashion Institute (FFI) Antwerp


Bruxelles Economie Collaborative & Hackathon : Construisons ensemble une ASBL au service de l’économie collaborative (Partie 2)

November 27th 6:00pm



Entrepreneurs Anonymous (Ghent) : Discovering a unique way to partner up

November 27th 6:30pm

Patrick Foley’s Irish Pub & Restaurant 10 Recollettenlei 9000 Gent


Scaleup Weekend

November 27th 7:00pm

ICAB Rue des Pères Blancs 4 1000 Brussels


Agile Belgium : XP Days Benelux

December 3rd 8:00am

Elewijt Center, Tervuursesteenweg 564, Zemst


Meteor Brussels : Lets meetup and code together

December 6th 10:00am

Needs to be confirmed, Needs to be confirmed, Brussels


PitchInBrussels 3rd edition, holiday edition!

December 7th 6:30pm

Beta Cowork 4 Rue des Pères Blancs 1040 Etterbeek


ESA : Orchestrating Ambition. Writing the music of success

December 8th 9:00am

RSCA Constant Vanden Stock Stadium, Avenue Théo Verbeeck 2 1070 Anderlecht

TUE08 : Créer son entreprise à Bruxelles : 10 pièges à éviter

December 8th 9:30am, Chaussée de Charleroi 110, Brussels


Co.Station : Playing Lean workshop Brussels

December 10th 6:30pm

CO.STATION 5 Place Sainte-Gudule 1000 Brussels

THU10 – Brussels Meetup (BEVR) #6

December 10th 6:30pm

ICAB, Witte Patersstraat 4 rue des Pères Blancs, Etterbeek, Brussels


Data Innovation Training Hub : European Data Innovation Awards

December 10th 7:00pm



Agile Belgium Meetup : Agile Games Night IV

December 14th 6:00pm

VRT Auguste Reyerslaan 52, Brussels


BRUG December 2015: Hack Evening

December 15th 6:00pm

Betacowork, 4 Rue des Pères Blancs 1040 Etterbeek


FEB Conférence : ‘Cybercriminalité’

December 17th 12:30pm

FEB, Rue Ravenstein 4, 1000 Bruxelles

TUE22 : Créer son entreprise à Bruxelles : 10 pièges à éviter

December 22nd 6:00pm, Chaussée de Charleroi 110, Brussels


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