Developing a training plan based on the assessment of 4 main competency levers with 24 critical capabilities, 96 sub-competencies, tailored to 5 different maturity levels is a strategic approach towards the need to deepen your team’s expertise with impact.

Competency based learning is around since the 1960’s but it has been given a new life since the downturn has left companies with a variety of skill gaps in the development of their resources. Most assessment models only focus on professional or technical competency assessments.

Our QCC matrix (Quad-Core-Competencies) not only takes in to account the professional knowledge and technical know-how, but also the personal competency and the business acumen. In this new world, it is key to assess and develop the ‘persona’ behind the role and this needs to be framed and understood within the context of your business’ objectives, culture and growth targets.

It starts with the employee self-identifying existing gaps. This process is enhanced by involving other stakeholders in the review of his/her competencies — allowing for a more holistic development dialogue. Further independent assessment will pinpoint the exact training needs that provide the most value to them and the business. Learning offerings can come in the form of deep-dive hands-on one-to-one training or proposal of specific online courses, seminars, peer to peer learning, stakeholder ‘walk in my shoes’ days and more.