Procurement value: Kaleidoscope of perceptions

“There is no Reality, only Perception. Identify the filters through which you view the world. Then adjust your filters, turn your kaleidoscope and a whole new way will open up.”

In the wonderful world of digital enablement, the exiting Internet of Things, the mind blowing Augmented Reality, people still buy from people, people still sell to people. And while our world of interconnectivity has been transformed through smarter tools and devices, our world of engagement and communication is still based on the quality of our interpersonal relationships.

I have worked at the side of procurement for the last 20 years and I am proud to belong to this community. I truly believe we add great value to any business, I do believe at the same time we are not great at marketing ourselves. Is it not fantastic that by decreasing the cost upfront by 5%, that we deliver the same benefits to the bottom line impact as 50% increase of sales at the backend? Why is that not a headline?

Not only that, we are the only department in the business that engages with all the key business partners in any contract – our internal stakeholders and our external stakeholders, we translate and map our business needs to the external solutions. And to do our job right, we need to get closer to our suppliers, the market, their expertise, so that we can deliver to our business their future solutions. Working together is key to the benefit of both businesses. I am an advocate for creating the win-win relationship and mindset that will enable external expertise and innovation to make my business stay ahead, be competitive, and deliver.

Traditionally however, we have been adversaries on that chess board, we sat at the other side of the table of that card game, with our poker face, because we believed that would bring us to the best solution: a lose-win situation every time. Is that still the case? And if so, how are we perceived by the other side?

We have teamed up with UCC and The TAS Group, a smart sales software company to put our finger on the pulse to understand the health of the relationship between our 2 communities, buyers and sellers, either as procurers and sellers or as business partners who engage with us (or not) We want to measure the current perception of the main stakeholders in the negotiation cycle. We want to measure to improve.

So give us your voice, unfiltered, unbiased, tell us the way it is for you.

Global Buyer – Seller Value Alignment Study

Buyer-Seller Value Alignment Study


PS: Why am I passionate about strengthening the voice of procurement?

Because most of us already are great, and we need to start measuring ourselves so we can start shouting about our value, turn our own data in to deliverable insight.

Because we are ideally placed to put our own stamp on the direction of the business we work for. The suppliers we align ourselves with, will shape the future growth of our own business.

Because I truly believe, for our businesses, we are the eyes on the world, the ears on the ground, the finger on the pulse, we are the doors to future value. Let’s increase our knowledge by changing our perception. eye of knowledge


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