Procurement Management NFQ Level 8

Time flies…. It’s quite a cliché but I really cannot believe how fast these 8 months have gone.  I am now finished the CPM course awaiting final results. I would be lying if I said it was easy as with work and extracurricular activities it difficult to keep on top of course work. Not to mention, many people in the class juggling kids and family on top of that. However, what I can say is easier- is applying and understanding your current ways of working. Whether its improving processes by leaning out procedures or achieving savings through strategic initiatives, the value of you as an individual procurement professional will be seen by your colleagues. The reason this can be seen is that each module is applied to work projects. This is not a course you do a couple of exams for a piece of paper it is applied learning.


“Practice makes perfect” –      I think each and every one of us in the class could agree the more you challenged yourself the easier that daunting task became. You will individually present 5 times throughout the course. This may seem off-putting for some people but please rest assured that everyone is in the same boat. What is beneficial, is receiving feedback from 3 of the lecturers as well as your class peers with different perspectives. You may present on a day to day basis in work but this is the opportunity to improve your skills.

Group work

3 of the 5 modules involve group work. This may not entice everyone, however it is essential as whether in public or private sector, SME or multinational, as procurement professional’s stakeholder engagement is an essential part of our roles. The groups were chosen by the lecturers which allowed for a mixed background of professionals. This was very interesting as the case studies would challenge you to agree on one perspective as private and public could have contrasting opinions.

Individual portfolio

This task applies to the 4 out of 5 modules and is 50% of the marks. The style of writing is reflective and therefore it allows you to bring your professional experience as well as any learning from the course modules and outside learning. There are many benchmarking exercises for you to evaluate where you sit professionally which you will then complete again at the end of the course to see how you have progressed.

Strategic procurement project

This is the majority of the credits (10 credits out of 30). You can choose the topic which can be one or a mix of the modules you have completed throughput the year. This module is an opportunity to present an idea to your company with the research and analysis behind your plan.

Dr. David McKevitt is the Academic Director alongside lecturer’s CEO of iDDea Ingrid DeDoncker and Purchasing Manager of Rochestown Park Hotel, Niall O’Halloran. Amongst this array of lecturers, we were also treated to many other guest lecturers throughout the year coupled with each Module from both public and private sector.

This was the second year this course was run and has increased numbers by 350%. There is now a cap on the intake so if you are interested please note the closing dates below:

Closing date for applications is 31st August 2018

Follow the link below to learn more and how to apply:

Suzie Lynch

Before procurement, Suzie worked for various retailers and marketing companies. Her most unusual assignment was a starring role, in a commercial, where she had to steal food from strangers to promote burritos. Realising that this was an unsustainable path, Suzie chose to work in procurement as she gets to work with all departments in each business. As a results driven procurement specialist, Suzie’s top tip on getting the most from procurement is “Know what you want to buy and for how much. This will save you time and money in the long run and will help you achieve desired results.” In her spare time, Suzie plays tag rugby to keep fit and burn off those burritos.
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