The purpose of this interactive course is to present the principles of good procurement value reporting and to outline the different procurement KPI’s that are key to bottom line impact. The module provides participants with the skills necessary to understand through effective and efficient reporting dashboards.

Course Objectives

  • Fit for purpose KPI tools per phase in the strategic procurement cycle
  • the alignment to organizational objectives
  • of departmental/category goals
  • through the value for money KPI target delivery
  • Analyse measurements
  • Communicating and marketing success
  • Early procurement involvement practice

Key Topics

  • Principles of procurement KPI reporting
  • Different sets of KPI’s
  • Aligned objectives – Procurement value dashboards
  • Best Practice Recommendations
  • Alignment of level 3 to level 1 dashboard reporting
  • Stakeholder engagement and communication

Learning Outcomes

Attendees will be given practical advice on the measurement and effective communication of procurement performance to the overall business objectives. They will be shown how to deliver and monitor procurement value dashboards as per the procurement strategy and how to extract strategic SWOT recommendation for in-year re-forecasts or multi-annual target settings.

Who Will Benefit from This Course

The course is suitable for any procurement specialist who wants to understand the value of effective reporting.

Duration: 1 day