Procurement for Sales Teams covers all phases of the procurement lifecycle and converts each stage into valuable and actionable Insights for Sales and Account Managers

Course Objectives

Responding to Requests for Tender are both time consuming and costly and are not activities for the weak hearted. Without a clear understanding of what constitutes ‘value’ for the buyer, dealing with Procurement can be a mystifying and frustrating experience for Sales Executives and Account Managers. This one-day course will focus on developing your understanding of the needs, wants and challenges of the buyer and it will enable your sales teams to focus on presenting a compelling customer value proposition, that will speak to the buyer’s agenda.

Key Topics

  • Principles of Procurement and commonly used Terminology
  • Strategic sourcing processes used by buying teams
  • How Procurement assesses and evaluates the supply market
  • Cost management and total cost of ownership
  • How Procurement uses scope development to enhance ‘value’
  • How suppliers and contracts are managed and measured
  • Actionable Insights of Buyer – Seller Value Alignment Study

Learning Outcomes

By improving Sales’ understanding of Procurement, expect your sales team to:

  • Learn principles of Procurement and understand the strategic sourcing process
  • Develop tender responses that are compliant and valuable to procurement
  • Proactively refine their sales value to align with the procurement needs
  • Tailor the customer value proposition for all decision makers at the other side of the table.
  • Understand the evaluation criteria and how it shapes the final decision intelligence
  • Identify heat-points in the buyer-supplier relationship and address these issues before they become damaging.

Who Will Benefit from This Course

This course is suitable for sales professionals who want to gain greater clarity around how they can match their value proposition to the need of the customer, increase their win rate, and focus on enhancing a value relationship with life-long customers.

Duration: 1 day