Our Approach
‘We empower the next generation decision-makers to achieve value beyond cost savings.’

Informed by global partnerships and continuous engagement, we combine the science of data with the art of negotiation to guide our customers to achieve both cost savings and strategic value.

iDDea are the procurement partner of choice for many public and private organisations in Ireland and Europe: we understand the challenges and we care about delivering results.

We are guardians of an open mindset, an ever-evolving skillset and a fit for delivery toolset.


What does it mean?


“Intent” is not a passive word. It means giving all your attention to something, to be determined to do or achieve something. In sourcing, and for every other function, it is key to determine the intent, the aim, the goals and the end results. The traditional procurement function has focused too much on specifying the inputs that should achieve the goals. By doing that, you ignore the expertise that the supply base offers as they are focused on delivering the outcomes. iDDea’s methodology starts with understanding and defining your end results, engaging with expert providers and we design your sourcing solution from there.


We identify your challenge through dialogue, detailed fact finding and baseline assessments to mine for, understand and structure the problem. The crux of consulting is asking good questions: who, what, why, when, where. In procurement terms, the majority of these questions are answered by spend analysis, market, company, customer and competitors mapping .The results gauges your maturity in a number of areas and points out the areas of improvement.


Planning is key to help you achieve success. After we have broken down the problems into mental lego pieces, we review, classify, lean out and place the good pieces back in their rightful place, fill the gaps by developing improvement plans and build up solutions from within. We chart your way forward by customising your roadmaps and develop clear GPS instructions to achieve your end goal.


It is easy to attack complexity with complexity; it’s difficult to attack complexity with simplicity. While most of the consultants love data, chaos and complexity, so we can dig for clues, unravel the knot or define the process to find the way out of the labyrinth, our job is all about people. Our job is not about us, it is about you. We do have a can-do culture and we will find a win-win solution for you. We implement your plans for you and bring your people along the journey to success. The best lessons learnt are the ones when we can look back as a team and see the strength that we have built, the weakness we overcame, the opportunities we had and the challenges we faced.


Procurement consultants leave their legacy by structure, process, policies and procedures. We monitor, we review, we feedback and improve. Our ultimate goal though is the exciting unknown world of innovation. Chaos to be mined, correlations to be made. It is a process that brings together various novel ideas in a way that have lasting positive impact on your business. As business professionals, we have to stay up to date on technology, market and customer trends and unfortunately, data does not always give you the full answer or insight for the future. We can only generate value if we can find ways to stay disruptive and innovate.