No wonder I am so passionate about soccer!!…

I must admit, I am a soccer lover. I am glued to the box and watch as many matches as I can and comment on many more of them. My son and me, we were the best of buddies when the world cup was hosted last year and we boohooed any comment that did not fit in to our believe of “what good looked like”. And you must forgive me my colourful opening picture as I am Belgian by nurture, Irish by nature; however, as one of the TV ad’s go: Belgian soccer fans are “probably the best fans in the world”


As a woman, amongst women, loving the game, is by no means an easy admission: It feels like an inner circle betrayal to your sisterhood and you and your choices, intentions and behaviors are now being doubted for ever and eternity… I dared to put myself outside of the circle! I was immediately tarnished with the same brush as all the husbands in the world who wanted to hug that remote control for the 2 months it was showing on the box and we did not want to let go! Passionate people do passionate things…


With all the fraud and upheaval that has surrounded the FIFA leadership team over the years and is rearing it’s ugly head once more, it is probably not the best comparision that you want to draw in the world, however I can not shake the thought that what we do at e-Quiddity, is actually very similar to the world cup in it’s original intent – Selecting the best possible team at a moment in time out of a lot of very promising teams, based on a blend of different decision criteria. (basically, the best possible cocktail of the best ingredients)


The World cup is one of the most appreciated global competition in a man’s (and woman’s?) world. An awful lot of effort and money is spent by all involved, the organization of the whole event is immense and follows strict schedule and procedures and the result is nothing short of hard labor and conviction by a team that will be hailed as the new Victors for the next 4 years.

Every world cup starts when the last one ends; the teams that were shortlisted and were fortunate to take part, are reflecting on their mistakes, their shortcomings and focus on the improvements that need to happen to get to a better result in the next World cup. For the teams that did not qualify, that were not part of the last 32, they can learn a lot from what can be viewed on the television, the web, the interviews, the player selections, the tactics, the in’s and outs, what would work for them and what wouldn’t…Tactics and strategy, who does not get passionate about that?

strategy plan in soccer

A key element in success of the event is without a doubt the ability to deliver the fairness of play: we are all looking to the referees for that. All the referees are trained in to the rules of the games and the do’s and don’ts to ensure a fair and open game. They are the facilitators of the game and need to make judgment calls on the spot, ad hoc, and to the best of their abilities. Now, we all know that most of the friction, frustration and lively commentary can come from the judgment calls from the facilitators and games can be won or lost by the reaction of individual players or the whole team to these decisions. However, we all know as well that, currently those decisions can not be overturned, even if with new technology applications, the situation can be reviewed again. So until further notice and changes, the decision is final and needs to be accepted by all players involved on the pitch. Calls are made to bring technology solutions in to the game to keep the fairness intact and I do believe in the near future it will happen…

yellow and red card

All soccer loving countries have 4 years the chance to improve their performance of their team in the game on the world stage; While the game does not change, the competition does. New players come online, new coaches use their insight to create new tactics and the right attitude to perform better for the benefit of their country’s name and glory. And is it not always the team effort that wins the cup? Every time, there are outstanding players who come to the forefront, change records and break another milestone, however, it is the team spirit that will lift a good team in to be a great team, an individual player to be a remarkable one.

And because you don’t win this year, or have not even been allowed to take part in the final World cup, does not mean that you wont be at the races the next time around in Russia…

Bidding nation

We all started the worldcup with a selection of our own preferred team(s), who we desperately wanted to win. We all had our own idea who was going to be in the final 4 before the world cup started; We all had made up our minds… however, how many of us have had to revise our point of views? Who was still backing their original team after a few rounds in?

We all saw amazing goals, fantastic individual players; we all were shocked how some of the favorite teams lost, were excluded, did not qualify for the next round, even being overrun, outplayed, no innovation in the game, no spirit in the team, not enough quality, no commitment, not working for each other… whatever the reason was, the result is that some of the teams we thought would be in the final or would do very well, did not make it, were not allowed to proceed, were just not good enough for the final.


Irrespective of how bad a few people behave and how this affect the perception and brand of the overall event, the World cup is a funnel process of selecting the best team, on the days of performance, against the current competition, with their current abilities and challenges, their yellow and red cards, their injured stars or their individual frame of mind. It takes about 2 months of intense competition, focus and commitment, believing and delivering to the best of their abilities. The winner is the team who has been able to deliver time and time again, against their competitive peers, one to one, one at a time. They benchmark themselves through their play, on their performance and the result is immediate. It is yes, it is no, it is going through to the next round, it is going home.


This qualification and selection process of the Winner of the World cup, that is what e-Quiddity offers its clients. And while you as the customer are the ultimate cup to get, and the suppliers are the different teams, we intervene as the facilitators of the process, the organizers of the events but also the referees of the game, minding the rules of the game and ensuring that fairness is key and openness of the game is being safeguarded…. No wonder I am so passionate about soccer, because I am passionate about e-Quiddity‘s delivery of a fair process where the best blend of performance on the different criteria will win the game…



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