Buying and selling; two sides of the same coin

Buying and selling; two sides of the same coin


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Commodity report: July 2017

Commodity Overview: Wheat 3 year trend EU

  • Global cereal output is not expected to reach forecasted levels due to drought in the U.S. Midwest, Canada’s breadbasket in southern Saskatchewan and parts of Australia 1

SMART Procurement

iDDea Explained

The value of Commodity Reports

Information is the key to all good decision making. Companies need to have the best information available at all times to help you make better decisions.


Procurement Jargon Buster

The Procurement Industry has many unique terms. Some are easy to understand, some less so.

You can use our Jargon Buster below to find out what these terms mean, so you never feel lost in a meeting again!


The Language of Procurement

Language is a very interesting thing. It is one of the things that separates us as higher thinking animals. It allows us to partake in our daily activities and communications with a depth and ease that we usually take for granted.


Top Trending Commodities: Latest Report

  • The world 2016/17 harvest is expected to be strong for the 4th year in a row and will add to accumulated stocks
  • World prices remain stable due to good supply
  • Despite a good start to the growing season, UK Winter wheat planted areas show a drop of 5% YoY to 1.6m ha
  • EU soft wheat exports have slowed in recent weeks, a drop of 11% on figures for the same period in the 2015/16 season


Procurement Complexity Simplified: Lower cost, increased profitability

Procurement professionals understand the direct impact they can deliver to the bottom line. 5% of reduced COGS deliver at a minimum an equal margin benefit as 50% increases sales – Can your company afford not to value procurement professionals?


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