Interview: Rebecca Martin

Why did you choose to work in procurement?

During final year, one of my modules included Project Management. Our final year project for that module was to interview a business about how they initially set up their business model, whether they outsourced for various aspects of the business and what obstacles they faced when setting up. This was an interesting topic to me as I had just started a new job in a new company that was recently set up therefore I interviewed my new boss. The interview was very beneficial for the project but also gave me an insight into the business model. The plans the company put in place for future events actually took place in real life. It was fascinating to watch these events unfold. This just goes to show with good project management skills anything is possible. I knew project management was an important aspect in procurement, so I thought it would be interesting to see it in action in a different scenario and the impact procurement has on the management of a project.

Why did you choose to work in supply chain?

As part of my Master’s project, one of my modules consisted of supply chain. I thought it was a really interesting module as it thought me a lot about how companies operate. From the smaller scale companies to large multi-nationals. What I found to be of most importance was the lack of trust consumers now hold for big businesses mainly because of the Tesco horse meat scandal. It is important to me to know who exactly is producing or manufacturing my food and where exactly it is coming from. Traceability and reliability are the two main reasons why supply chain has caught my attention.

What do you like about iDDea?

I like that what you see is what you get. Everyone is really open and friendly. If there is ever a problem my colleagues are always upfront and address the issue straight away instead of turning a blind eye. The company holds a lot of trust in their employees and always encourages success and to believe in your own abilities. They are extremely flexible when it comes to the working week and holidays if necessary.

What has been your most challenging undertaking in your career so far?

When I worked in a hospital I was given the sole responsibility to manage an audit on discharges. A hospital is a busy environment with copious amounts of people coming and going. It was up to me to visit various wards on a daily basis and gather the information necessary for the discharge audit to ensure the hospital was complying with JCI standard before inspection.

Have you had any unusual jobs before working in iDDea?

I used to work in a children’s play/party zone centre where I faced many challenges. Not only do I have the communication skills to deal with adults I can also deal and relate to kids very well. It thought me how to deal with conflict and how to address difficult situations amongst parents or children. I have the patience of a saint from working there!

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