Meet the iDDea Team

The iDDea Team has the expertise to:

Thoroughly evaluate your organisation

Provide a detailed Cost Analysis

Assist in optimising Procurement Methods that lead to higher margins.

We review specific spends on an a-la-carte basis. However, the most effective way to maximise your return is to benchmark multiple spending categories. We deliver more than cost savings, we provide you with Value Intelligence and Decision Execution.

Whether you are the CEO, CFO, COO, executive manager or director or whether your challenge is to take control of your spends, we at iDDea reclaim your profits, reinvest in your company, improve your bottom line. We support you in delivering your objectives and the team is very skilled in engaging across all stakeholder’s audiences.

We are all about asking the right questions to deliver the best answers for you! We puzzle all the pieces together and put the spotlight on the Blended Value for Money options that provide the best solutions for you.

Ingrid De Doncker, CEO

Ingrid started her career way back in Belgium as a vibrant sales manager in lingerie. While not the most direct route, it brought her to the crazy world of what is now Strategic Sourcing. Over the last 20 years, Ingrid has developed her expertise across telecoms, networks and manufacturing and FMCG in public and private sectors.  She takes pride in sharing what she has learned and is passionate about helping her clients to build long-term sustainable sourcing strategies. For her, every day is about doing the right thing and doing it right. By the way, Ingrid loves to sing and dance when she thinks there is nobody watching…and it’s not always out of tune!

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Caroline Walsh, Procurement Specialist

Caroline is a Gemini by name and by nature.  She is commonly thought to be one of the fastest talkers in Ireland. She focuses her boundless energy on her stakeholders – taking you through the process each step of the way – advising, guiding, directing, influencing and finding solutions for any challenge sent her way. Caroline’s multi-disciplinary approach stems from her experience in sales, marketing, account management, supply chain and procurement functions across Telecoms, Manufacturing, BPO, Utilities and FMCG. For over 10 years, Caroline has applied her expertise to bring about change for the better for each of the projects she has guided and looks forward to more to come.

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Mary Ryan, Account Manager

Mary began her working life in the banking world but eventually found her way back to her roots as a farm girl. Time to toil on the land allowed her to refocus and follow a  path back into the world of business. In true farm to fork fashion, she established her own café and later, a furniture store which proved to be the spark that ignited her interest in her current role as Sourcing Administrator. Negotiation is a key component of the process in sourcing suppliers. An important element of Mary’s role is the tracking of commodity trends to better understand their impact on prices and using this information to its best advantage in negotiations. Through the procurement process, she specialises in finding the right supplier for each client using the best selection criteria to ensure long-term and long lasting business relationships



Norah Cronin, Procurement Specialist

With CIPS certifications and a BA in Human Resource Management, Norah began her professional career over 10 years ago in Telecommunications. Through Procurement strategies, including a combination of bill analysis, mobile device policies and expert contract management, Norah was able to give her clients double digit savings. Norah has worked on many projects varying in scale and complexity for iDDea’s valued clients. These projects cover all phases of the strategic Procurement cycle with emphasis on the sourcing and tendering process. Using this tendering methodology Norah delivered an average annual return on investment of €15:€1. Her focus now is on leading the Procurement Training Academy. Through her in-depth industry knowledge and her training experience she hopes to raise the profile of Procurement in Ireland.



Suzie Lynch, Sourcing Coordinator

Before procurement, Suzie worked for various retailers and marketing companies. Her most unusual assignment was a starring role, in a commercial, where she had to steal food from strangers to promote burritos. Realising that this was an unsustainable path, Suzie chose to work in procurement as she gets to work with all departments in each business. As a results driven procurement specialist, Suzie’s top tip on getting the most from procurement is “Know what you want to buy and for how much. This will save you time and money in the long run and will help you achieve desired results.” In her spare time, Suzie plays tag rugby to keep fit and burn off those burritos.

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Shirlee Kelly, Strategic Sourcing Specialist

Growing up in a family of Gardaí, Shirlee has always had forensic nature. Immersing herself in spend data she is keen to investigate and expose value which is invisible to the untrained eye.  Experienced working in small to medium enterprise as well as larger companies, Shirlee has a multifaceted knowledge of procurement and how this function should work in harmony with other departments of an organisation including sales, marketing and finance.  Having spent much of her career working in the Information Technology sector, Shirlee thrives in a fast paced and ever changing environment. Coupling procurement with the latest technologies Shirlee understands how it is possible to enhance business performance such as enabling better compliance, mitigate risks, increase speed and capacity of operational tasks and gain the trust of senior management by reducing human error.  A recent graduate of University College Cork’s Procurement Management accreditation, Shirlee is delighted to join the iDDea team where she looks forward to elevating the voice of Procurement across Ireland and beyond.


Rebecca Martin, Supplier Manager

A recent MSc food marketing graduate, Rebecca began her career in FMCG. With a passion for food, fashion, basketball and languages, she decided to study Commerce International with Italian at UCC. After spending a year in Italy, she realised that the Procurement path was right for her. A born negotiator, in a quaint Italian city with little or no English she learnt how to communicate with local shopkeepers and settle on the best possible price for their goods and services. She immersed herself in different cultures which thought her to think on her feet and tackle issues independently.




Orla Slattery, Procurement Administrator

Orla began her career in the retail sector at the tender age of 16 where she spent 7 years understanding the importance of suppliers, price trends and cost reductions for all type of business.  A graduate of UCC, she completed a Bachelor of Commerce degree focusing her major on Economics but soon realised the world of Procurement is where her biggest interests lay. A bargain-hunter and people-person at heart, Orla’s determination focuses on finding the best value for the right people. Her enthusiastic and positive attitude is a key component to any projects she tackles and is known to smile her way out of many problems.

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