The dawning of the digital age, the evolution, benefits and disruption of big data opportunities will sit at the centre of this information packed course. In this course, an overview will be given on the impact for the business, the suppliers, the process and how you can best select what platform or functionality is fit for purpose for the maturity for your business.

Course Objectives

Participants will gain an understanding of the benefits, challenges and P2P technology solutions that are available in the market and how data, process and technology can enable you to contribute effective and efficient value to the business objectives.

Key Topics

  • The Benefits and objectives of Procurement to Pay e-Tools
  • Business agility
  • Big Data Management
  • Risk Mitigation and Compliance management
  • Cost and Cash Goals
  • SMART Contracting
  • Customer and Supplier centricity
  • The business case for an e-Procurement Roadmap project

Learning Outcomes

  • Have a deeper knowledge of the benefits, challenges and risks of e-procurement tools
  • Be able to research the market with the right questions regarding e-procurement operational and strategic levers
  • Understand the aspects and functionalities of available e-tools in the market
  • Make a business case for an e-procurement project
  • How to stay agile in this changing world

Who Will Benefit from This Course

This course is suitable for any procurement professional who works with or has responsibility for e-procurement tools and who wants to enhance their understanding and benchmark their knowledge on the latest changes in the market for P2P or S2P solutions

Duration: 1 day