Call to Action – build our procurement brand! The world is listening…

Procurement, what is it all about? What are we all about? What can we do to build our procurement brand?

Because let’s face it, either we have no identity, we are considered like an own label offering and therefore plugging a gap, or at worst, our brand is not being recognised because all our great work is being credited to someone else or another department?

The 5 levers we can work to express our brand are our People, our Process, our Knowledge, Our Culture and our Technology. We need to focus on our mindset, our skill set and our toolset to deliver our brand.

According to Forbes, whether you are a Fortune 500 company, business owner or entrepreneur, everyone needs a brand. Following Scott Gladstein’s 5 steps to brand building, touch points are key on that journey:

1. Identify your reasons-to-believe.

2. Identify customer touch points.

3. Determine the most influential touch points.

4. Design the optimal experience.

5. Align the organisation to consistently deliver the optimal experience.

So if we want to build our procurement brand on the same adagio’s such as Apple, Coca Cola, or Kellogg’s, if we want to build it around the “Why”,  “a promise” or “the customer experience”, we need to start somewhere!

Our internal and external stakeholders are our first and foremost touch points: our in-house business partners and our external delivery partners, do we add value to them? Do they add value to us? What do you think? We are listening, we are calling for your procurement voice to be heard. Start now by voicing your opinion, complete our study!

Global Buyer – Seller Value Alignment Study



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