Brexit – Are you Prepared ?

Are you or your company unsure of how you are affected by Brexit or if you are affected at all? 
What if your key suppliers are not able to supply at current volumes required, increase their costs by 20-30% due to new excise duties or even go out of business tomorrow?

Video below from the Enterprise Ireland Brexit Advisory Clinic held in Dublin on March 14th 2019

Through our experience working with Enterprise Ireland and Inter trade Ireland‘s diverse client base we have identified the urgent actions Irish companies need to take now to minimise the impact post Brexit, with regard to their supply base. For any business to be successful it needs to be able to maintain a continuous supply of products into the market. Maintaining close control over the flow of its products and services is a key element of this success. Businesses should be able to quickly assess the cost implications to them as a result of a failing in any part of its supply chain and react to minimise the impact.  

Shirlee Kelly (CPM-UCC Hons) is our Strategic Sourcing Advisor | Brexit Unit Manager
Shirlee Kelly works with iDDea as a Strategic Sourcing consultant. Shirlee has a proven track record in delivering bottom line benefits and cost savings. As a performance driven professional with more than fifteen years’ experience she has extensive expertise in business operations, organisational change management and supplier relationship building. Shirlee is currently the dedicated strategic sourcing partner for Enterprise Ireland and Intertrade Ireland clients. Shirlee is also spearheading a number of other strategic sourcing initiatives for iDDea clients and is a guest lecturer in UCC on NFQ level 8 Procurement Management
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Practical Help to Navigate Brexit

A summary of the Intertrade Brexit event, held on Thursday 17th May 2018 in Páirc Ui Chaoimh

Intertrade Ireland held a free Brexit advisory event on Thursday 17th of May, myself and some of the iDDea team were in attendance as Strategic Sourcing Advisors.  The morning began with registration and refreshments in the salubrious surroundings of Pàirc Uí Chaoimh.  Exhibitors such as iDDea met with Intertrade clients and began to understand more about their organisations and concerns specifically around Brexit.  We offered practical advice and created an awareness of the Brexit related solutions that iDDea has to offer SME client’s specifically.  Our mission is to support each client on their journey as they plan, act and engage in new trading affiliations emerging from Brexitnegotiations.  We discussed topics such as the clients supply base and the importance around mapping your end to end supply chain.  We demonstrated the tools and techniques used by our team to consistently deliver value to our clients…


Proceedings continued with an introduction from guest presenter George Lee.  George announced the days agenda and conducted a poll on the impacts supports and planning relating to Brexit.   The results demonstrated how attendee’s felt about the current status of Brexit and they support available to them to date. The general consensus was that there were currently more questions than answers around the Brexit topic and that attending events like today can only be a positive step for any organisation.

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