Brexit – Are You Prepared?

Are you or your company unsure of how you are affected by Brexit or if you are affected at all? What if your key suppliers are not able to supply at current volumes required, increase their costs by 20-30% due to new excise duties or even go out of business tomorrow?

iDDea can help you understand & review your sourcing arrangements to reduce costs, increase efficiency and identify alternative suppliers with better supplier management.

Did you know that both Intertrade Ireland and Enterprise Ireland have Brexit vouchers to help you on the journey to develop your contingency plan?

For Intertrade Ireland, follow the link here to apply for the “Start to Plan” Voucher:

 For Enterprise Ireland, follow the link her to apply for the “Be Prepared” Voucher:

iDDea is consultant to both public agencies promoting the Brexit readiness agenda. You can contact us or the above agencies directly if you want to avail of the support vouchers.