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I love to travel… I like to arrive somewhere and be surprised, be amazed, be taken in by the beauty of something different or the ugliness of a reality. More than that though, I adore the journey itself, the views on the way, the people I meet, the contemplation of the whole experience. As Plato says, “the contemplation of beauty causes the soul to grow wings”.

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Earlier this year, the CEO of The TAS Group, now Altify, Donal Daly, asked me to go on a business journey, to do research into the unknown, into the deep. He wanted to explore the gap of the relationships and value perception between buyers and sellers and to see if we could find some empirical evidence to challenge some assumptions around the engagement model. It only became clear to me that the subject of the research was a quest I was longing to start for years. I was always convinced it was worthwhile, but did not know how to start it…I knew we would discover and uncover little golden nuggets of truth on the way, and I would gently brush of the years of dirt and dust with a little archeological brush, to make them shine.

Between February and March this year, we launched the Global Buyer & Seller Value alignment Study and we asked the buying and selling community to share their perception of the value and engagement experience with each other. We structured the journey around 25 questions and 1,245 buyers and sellers shared their opinion. We asked them to share their own golden nuggets and to shine some light in the dark.

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Donal Daly was instrumental in drawing up the initial map. To be fair, he is a very experienced and skilful guide on “the road less traveled”. Buyers and sellers globally have been willing passengers and companions on our trip and they directed us towards an arrival point we had left open. What a wonderful adventure it has already been. With every stop and start, a clearer path; at every twist and turn, a new nugget discovered; with every response, a more polished bullion and with every hour and and every day, the unknown became more known.

I am delighted to share our first findings with you, in the Altify Buyer-Seller Value Index 2016.

It is the first study ever that sat buyers and sellers down at the negotiation table and made them look at the value alignment from both sides, simultaneously, same questions. It is the first study where both buyers and sellers were asked to be aware of their own lens, share their point of view, be mindful of their perception and maybe become a little bit more mindful of the other side too?

awareness of me

Many conversations have been held between Donal Daly and I, on the journey towards capturing your voice. Some were easy, some more challenging, as every journey is towards more awareness. The study is a testament to our shared convictions.

The beauty of this journey is that, while we have learnt so much on the way, we are nowhere near our arrival point. The buyer’s road to the value of the seller, and the seller’s journey to the worth of the buyer has just begun. While we have established some real and startling findings, there is much more to discover, uncover, polish and make shine and what better way to do it then with interesting and interested travellers. You all have guided us in the direction we are following, and we are grateful for your companionship.

“People buy from people, people sell to people”, make your interactions worthwhile by considering the other side of the coin.

Safe travels


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