Some organisation accept their current market position and organic growth because they lack the knowledge and the insight into the market. Being unaware of where you stand against your competitors and how each of your departments measure against industry standards, is like driving without a fuel gauge. Without knowing how much is in the tank, you don’t know how far you can go. Together, we can help change that.

At IDD Consulting, we bring the relevant information you need to make strategic changes in your organisation to enable you to compete. We not only give you the information, we will also help formulate and then execute plans to take you where you need to be. We are about you.

When we work with you, our role is three-fold: To earn your trust as advisors and deliver results. To facilitate change by introducing a culture of collaboration within your organisation and with external parties. Take a leading role in mining for the insights your business requires to improve and increase profitability.

We do not offer boilerplate consulting services because no two clients or challenges are exactly the same. One of our differentiating factors is that we take the time to understand your business challenges and find unique solutions to them.

You will benefit from bespoke consulting services, customised to suit your unique business needs. The basis of any solution we propose is our vast expertise and the belief that the best approach is a win-win outcome.


Applying our proprietary six step methodology to finding a solution allows us to follow a modular approach that is repeatable. Each step of the process below builds upon the preceding step to create a holistic framework to lead you from your problem to a lasting solution. The steps are as follows:

We identify your challenge through conversations and detailed fact finding. You tell us what your problem is and we define it into a problem statement. This will include spend analysis, category management & supplier qualifications and strategy plans.
With clearly defined problem, a visualization of the desired outcome and the tools to measure progress in place, we move onto the execution stage. We implement the plans and best practices and start measuring what is working and what needs tweaking. The initial results provide us both with the lessons required to establish a process that produces results.
We spend time understanding you as a Company, drilling down into who your Competition is and using tools such as audience & customer mapping to define your Customer.
Applying the EFQM process to your business allows us to determine where you are now and where the gaps are. At this stage we also setup the parameters that will allow us to measure our performance (how we deliver on the promised results) during contract.
We chart the way forward by creating bespoke training packages for key staff. We will also apply templates and best practices which are tailored to suit our findings in the preceding stages and your individual business circumstances.
Once we have identified the processes and systems which produce the desired results, we introduce controls to ensure the processes are followed and complied with. We provide the support you need to maintain the gains into the future.