The Science of Value

Blending the Art of Negotiation with the Science of Data

iDDea provides the full suite of end-to-end Procurement and Supply Chain services, including Consulting, Methodology and Training.

There are only two ways to improving the bottom line: Increase Sales or Reduce Costs.

Both will yield the desired outcome, but iDDea believes that cost reductions are the quickest way to achieving that business objective.

iDDea helps companies increase profits by focusing on developing and delivering cost reduction strategies. We differ from others through our tailor-made value for money approach to you. Our benchmarking expertise spans decades and having worked with a vast number of clients and vendors, we know how to leverage our market knowledge to benefit our current clients.

If you require a trusted advisor to lead you on that journey, a coach to up-skill your resources, or a facilitator to streamline and optimise your procurement processes, browse our service solutions.